ISCC Lab Meeting

Working Group Membership

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
      Michael Helmrath (Chair)
University of Michigan
      Jason Spence (Co Chair)
Baylor Medical College
      Mary Estes
      Noah Shroyer
Montefiore Medical Center
      Chandan Guha
Rutgers University
      Mike Verzi
Stanford University
      Calvin Kuo
Stower’s Institute
      Linheng Li
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
       Mark Donowitz
      Olga Kovbasnjuk
University of California - Los Angeles
      Martin Martin
      James Dunn
      Matthias Stelzner
University of California - San Francisco
      Ophir Klein
      Jill Carrington Retired 3/2017
      David Saslowsky
Coordinating Center, City of Hope
      Joyce Niland
      Jess Girard
      Barb Olack
2017 Dates First Presenter Second Presenter
January 26   Trans-Consortium Project Meeting
February 23 Trans-Consortium Project Discussions
Individual Pilot Project Aims to be discussed
March 23 TBD
Mary Estes – Baylor
Calvin Kuo –Stanford
April 27 In Person Spring ISCC SC Meeting in San Francisco
May 25 Consortium Wide Project Discussions
June 22 Martin Martin – UCLA Jason Spence – U Michigan
July 27 Consortium Wide Project Discussions - NIH Prep
August 24 Linheng Li - Stowers Michael Helmrath – Cincinnati Children’s
September 28 Fall 2017 SC Meeting is now scheduled at NIDDK on September 12th
October 28 Ophir Klein - UCSF Chandan Guha- Montefiore
November Holiday Break – No Meeting
December Holiday Break – No Meeting