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ISCC Principal Investigator  Dr. Joyce Niland Honored by  City of Hope
At a ceremony on January 10, 2019, held at the Cooper Auditorium at City of Hope (COH) in Duarte, CA, Joyce C. Niland, Ph.D. became one of the three newest inductees to the Scientific Research Portrait Gallery.
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ISCC Labs Published in Cell Reports

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ISCC Labs Published in Cell Reports
Intestinal stem cells (ISCs) maintain and repair the intestinal epithelium. While regeneration after ISCtargeted damage is increasingly understood, injuryrepair mechanisms that direct regeneration following injuries to differentiated cells remain uncharacterized. The enteric pathogen, rotavirus, infects and damages differentiated cells while sparing all ISC populations, thus allowing the unique examination of the response of intact ISC compartments during injury-repair. Upon rotavirus i...
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Dr. Susan Henning receives AGA's Distinguished Mentor Award

Susan Henning, PhD, an ISCC Principal Investigator from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill from 2009 through 2014, was honored by the American Gastroenterological Association as one of two recipients of their Distinguished Mentor Award for 2015.  

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ISCC Colleagues Publish Mentoring Guide - Women in Science: Hints for Success
A new article published in Gastroenterology, “Women in Science: Hints for Success” by both a current and a former member of the ISCC gives a carefully focused, step by step guide to professional success and personal satisfaction for female scientists. Using reflections on their own experiences of mentoring over a 125 students, fellows, post docs and junior faculty, Susan J. Henning, Ph.D. and Mary K. Estes, Ph.D. have written a paper which stresses steps that could be used by any newcomer to a...
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Martin G. Martin, UCLA - Linking Research to the Real World - A new paradigm in pediatric GI disease research
UCLA is taking research in a new direction by focusing on the mechanisms involved in severe pediatric gastrointestinal conditions, says Dr. Martín Gabriel Martín, MD, professor of pediatrics.
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Dr. Wang Chosen for Private Collaborative Research Award
ISCC Steering Committee Member, Timothy Wang, M.D. along with his colleague, Adam Bass, M.D. have been awarded a joint grant for collaborative studies from the DeGregorio Family Foundation and the Price Family Foundation, specifically, to continue their research on the role of Novel RHO Pathway Genomic Alterations in Diffuse Gastric Cancer. The DeGregorio Family Foundation for Gastric and Esophageal Cancer Research & Education (DFF) seeks to promote and facilitate education and collaborative re...
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