Coordinating Center

The overall objective of the ISCC-CC is to accelerate intestinal stem cell research through the development, sharing, and organization of scientific resources, including biomaterials, datasets, reagents, methods, protocol expertise, and information. Click here to view Coordinating Center organizational chart. Click here to view City of Hope website.

Joyce C. Niland, Ph.D.

ISCC Principal Investigator Principal Investigator
Phone: 626-218-3032
jniland AT
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Martha Antler

Project Assistant
Phone: 626-218-4132
mantler AT

Jessica Girard, MPH

Program Manager
Phone: 626-218-1600
jgirard AT

Carol Swanson

Research Coordinator Asst
Phone: 314-469-6799
or 314.630.4207
cswanson AT

Barbara Olack

Senior Research Coordinator
Phone: 618-539-3969
bolack AT

Heather Sibley

Software Developer
Phone: 626-218-2798
hsibley AT