Published Data Sets

  • Image Description: 3D confocal reconstruction of Bmi1+ lineage regenerative response in the jejunum at 7 d after 12 Gy irradiaton highlights confluent patches of Bmi1+-derived cells in multiple adjacent crypts/villi.  Submitted by: (Yan, PNAS 2012) Kuo Lab, Stanford

Published ISCC RNAseq

Yan KS et al: Intestinal Enteroendocrine Lineage Cells Possess Homeostatic and Injury-Inducible Stem Cell Activity. Cell Stem Cell 2017 Jul, 21(1):78-90 e76.
  a. Bulk cell RNAseq of putatative intestinal stem cell populations
  b. Table S1. Overview of Bulk Cell RNA-seq Samples and Read Mapping, Related to Figure 1 and Figure 2
FACS-isolated samples were collected across six institutions for RNA-seq library preparation, sequencing and bioinformatics analysis. Samples from three biological replicates were used to examine each marker population of interest, as well as their marker-negative control and unfractionated epithelium control. Sample sequencing and read mapping metrics are indicated for each individual sample.
  c. Table S2. Overview of Differential Gene Expression in Diverse ISC Populations, Related to Figure 1 and Figure 2
For each marker-positive population of interest, the number of differentially expressed genes relative to each of their marker-negative control population is shown. Only Bmi1-GFP+, CD166+, CD24lo and Lgr5-eGFP+ populations exhibit >200 differentially expressed genes relative to their marker-negative controls.
  d. Table S3. Differentially Expressed Loci in Diverse ISC Populations, Related to Figure 1 and Figure 2
Detailed differentially expressed genes are shown for each marker-positive population analyzed, including FPKMs, log2 (fold-change), p values, and q-values.
  e. Table S4. Gene Ontology (GO) Pathway Analysis of Diverse ISC Populations, Related to Figure 1 and Figure 2
  f. Table S5. Cluster 1 Top Common Genes, Related to Figure 1